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A Place Where You Read and Write Apart From Your Home

A Place Where You Read and Write

A Place Where You Read and Write Apart From Your Home
  • Which it is?
  • Where it is?
  • Explain why you go there to read and write?

A Place Where You Read and Write

  • My favorite place for the study is the public library in my home town just about ten minutes’ drive from my house.
  • I am a life member of this library and whenever I need to get a few hours of undisturbed study time, I head for this place.
  • I took membership of this library about five years back when I was doing my degree course.
  • Initially, I used to visit the library just to borrow books, mostly novels.
  • But later I began to go there whenever I needed to do an assignment or project or even prepare for my exams.
  • I feel I can accomplish much more there than I can in my home environment.
  • At home, I just study lying on my bed with my laptop propped up on my knees and there are frequent disturbances from family members, phone calls, guests and I have this constant urge to make frequent visits to the kitchen to find something to eat.


A Place Where You Read and Write

  • But in the library study area, there are no such disturbances.
  • The library building itself is large and stately and surrounded by shady trees, far from the hustle and bustle of the town.
  • There are specially designated study rooms which are airy and well ventilated. The entire place is quiet and tranquil. So I create the perfect environment to read or write.
  •  There are desks and chairs and each desk has a power outlet for laptop users and also free Wi-Fi.
  • Printers are also there for scanning, copying, and printing which is really handy.
  • Another reason why I find this place really conducive for studies is that everywhere around you there are people who are pouring over their books or laptops and totally engrossed in their work.
  • And just seeing them makes you motivated to study.
  •  If we need a break we can always get up, walk around, read a magazine or a newspaper or get some coffee from the nearby coffee shop.
  • So I feel this library is a really good place for focused and perfect learning.
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At what age children start reading and writing?
Children start reading and writing when they go to preschool, which is at the age of 3-4. But some parents start teaching their children to read and write even before that.

Is it the sole responsibility of the school to take care of reading and writing?
Reading and writing are very important skills and should be the joint responsibility of school and parents. Children, who develop reading and writing skills at a very young age, do much better at academics than children who do not learn these skills well.

Are homes better or other places for reading and writing?
Home is of course a good place, but children develop the habit of reading and writing even more if they see other children around them do so. Therefore schools and libraries are also very good places. My cousin is in the US, and she tells me that she takes her children to the local library, where her children love to sit with other children and read books.

A Place Where You Read and Write

Share some other places where one can read or write.
Well, children can read and write in schools, libraries, homes, parks and almost anywhere, once they develop the habit of reading and writing.

What is more important, reading, or writing?
I think both skills are interrelated. Reading is slightly more important because it forms the basis of writing. To be able to write well, one needs to first learn to read well.

Who needs to have good writing skills?
Everyone needs some writing skills. Writing is a form of communication. Children with good writing skills can express themselves better.

From what can people get more information – words or pictures?
Well, it depends. A picture can say what 1000 words cannot, but a picture can be interpreted differently by different people. Words are clear and straightforward in conveying messages.

A Place Where You Read and Write

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