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An Important Decision you made with the Help of Someone

An Important Decision you made with the Help of Someone

An Important Decision you made with the Help of Someone
  • What it was?
  • What was the situation?
  • Who helped you?
  • What was your experience?
  • It is generally said that ‘Decision making is a process which produces final choice’.
  • But sometimes there are some situations or condition appears in front of us that we become helpless to reach a final decision.
  • Here m going to explain a situation when I was double-minded and seek the help of my English teacher to have the final choice.  
  • Approximately a year ago our district president had organized a speech competition at Chandigarh.
  • Through that competition, he wants to highlight sensitive social issues in our surroundings and wants to bring awareness among youth.
  • I saw the advertisement for it on social media and read the full text in detail.
  • I had a keen desire to take part in that competition because I was the best speaker in my school.
  • The actual difficulty was that I have no perfect idea which social issue I should select at an online form in which I can give my best.
  • The next day when I went to school my teacher asked me for my confusing facial expression and I shared the matter with her.
  • And she suggested me to choose the topic of drug addiction because it was the only topic that leads to many other issues.
  • She briefly explained in this topic I can cover robbery issues, unemployment, molestation, exploitation of women, poverty, and many more.
  • She made me sure that she would write a fully thought-provoking speech for me.
  • I took a shy of relief.
  • After three days she handed over the full speech to me and I practiced it for 10 to 15 times a day.
  • Finally, the day of the competition came and I delivered the speech with full confidence in front of the audience.
  • The auditorium went silent and every ear stands to listen to my speech.
  • At the finishing line, the chief guest and full audience stand up at their place to clap for me.
  • I felt over the moon after getting the first rank and won a gold medal among 30 students from different cities.
  • It became possible just because of the guidance or decision that my teacher made for me.
  • I truly thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

An Important Decision you made with the Help of Someone

Do you always ask for help when making decisions?

Yes, I mostly seek my parents’ or siblings’ advice when making decisions. I feel that they understand me and are able to give me the best guidance and suggestions.

Do you think teenagers are able to take decisions on their own?

Today, teenagers are very well informed and have great exposure because of access to technology. So, most of the teenagers are able to make good decisions when it comes to small, everyday decisions. However, for the bigger decisions like choosing a career path, they still need the experience and the guidance of their elders.

Why some can make quick decisions and some cannot?

Some people who can make quick decisions are very clear about what they want and do not waste any time making decisions. They have a clear, straightforward approach to things. However, there are some people who are not very quick at making decisions, as they may be confused and have a lot of external factors that affect their decision-making skills. It could be because of a lot of and varied advice from family, friends, and relatives. Some people may feel pressured due to personal circumstances and other societal constraints. So they take a lot of time to decide on what to do or choose.

What should national leaders consider when they make decisions?

National leaders consider the public interests when they make decisions. They also consider the future of the nation when making certain decisions.

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