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Describe A Good Law In Your Country

Describe A Good Law In Your Country

Describe A Good Law In Your Country

  • What is the law?
  • How you came to know about it?
  • Whom does it affect?
  • Why is it good?
Vocabulary words
  • Safeguard- something that protects against possible dangers
  • Ensure – make something sure
  • Incorporates-to make something a part of something else
  • Prominent – Important
  • Top-notch– excellent

Describe A Good Law In Your Country

  • Law acts as a safeguard to the people. It embodies a set of protocols or procedures to ensure the safety of people.
  • There are basically four types of laws, Civil law, criminal law, common law, statutory law.
  • I came to know about it from my sister, she is a student of law.
  • But the law which I appreciate the most is ‘Right to education’ that comes under civil law. It is also known as RTE.
  • I believe, in India, the majority of people do not have detailed knowledge about this law.
  • It was made in 2002 under article 21-A. But, it came into effect on 1 April 2010.
  • The title of the RTE Act incorporates the words ‘free and compulsory’.
  • ‘Free education’ means a child who is not capable to pay for elementary education, can take education free of cost for which the government will pay the charges.
  • ‘Compulsory education’ casts an obligation on the appropriate Government and local authorities to provide and ensure admission, attendance, and completion of elementary&secondary education by all children under the 6-14 age group.
  • This law is like a revolution in terms of education which leads to many benefits.
  • Firstly, child labor has gone down to a great extent if parents will not be forced to pay their fees.
  • It will also reduce illiteracy from our country.
Describe A Good Law In Your Country
  • I think, only an educated person can understand the personal rights properly. So, it is a must to get at least a secondary education. 
  • Some civil jobs require only secondary education such as police, army. 
  • It will be beneficial if someone can get a top-notch rank by getting free education up to the secondary level.
  • In other words, it can be said that it will be quite helpful to vanish unemployment in the country.
  • The most prominent benefit, toppers can get scholarships for further study too as the government provides.
  • All in all, It affects all these factors that I counted Before.
  • Not only this only law but there is great need to have vast knowledge about all the laws in the Indian constitutions.
  • Generally, it is said that little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  • In my eyes, it is a need of the time to understand your rights properly or briefly.
  • This is the law that appeals much to me.

Describe A Good Law In Your Country

1. Do you think this law is acceptable to the people?

Yes, I think this law has been accepted well by the people of India. There is a growing awareness of environmental issues. Indians are making their efforts to save and preserve the environment.

2. Is there any situation wherein people may disobey the law?

Yes, there are situations when people disobey the/this law. The main reasons for such laws not being followed by the people are personal profits/benefits and the convenience that they may have to give up.

3. Do people like being a police officer in your country?

Yes, many people in my country want to be a police officer. Every year several people take the tests to become a police officer. The competition that exists for such exams is a clear indicator that many people strive to become police officers and serve their country.

4. What qualities should a police officer possess?

A police officer should possess many qualities. He/she should be physically fit and active and should have a passion to serve people and the Nation. Some other qualities are honesty, eagerness to search for the truth and bring justice to people, some skills like martial arts or other such combat skills to fight the criminals, courage, fearlessness, determination, and many more such qualities.

5. Why some people prefer to be a lawyer?

Some people prefer to be a lawyer because they want to ensure that everyone receives justice and is treated fairly by the law. They may have a desire to fight for others’ rights and ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to justify their actions. Some people choose this profession because of the prospects of earning money and fame.

6. Should people be penalized when they use mobile phones while driving?

These days the vehicles are well equipped with a system wherein you can connect via Bluetooth to your mobile, and you can be handsfree and still use your mobile. But, if a driver is talking or texting on the phone while driving, he should be heavily penalized.

7. Is kindness is the imperative quality of a police officer?

No, kindness is not the best quality of a Police Officer. A Police officer has to be honest, straightforward, and very curious while performing his duty. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to be very kind as the criminals may take advantage of the situation

8. Do you think both men and women can be police officers?

These days we are living in an egalitarian society. So, gender bias doesn’t hold ground in any profession. Every man and every woman is worthy of any profession. So both and men and women are equally capable of serving in the police department

9. Do you think the police officers are paid too much?

I think in the Western world, police officers are paid well under their duties. But, in developing countries, their salaries do not match the work they do, they deserve better salaries. But, I do not agree that they are paid more because they face too many dangers in life while performing their services.

10. Do all Indian people obey the law?

Human psychology is the same everywhere in the world when the citizens know that they are going to be caught, penalized, put behind the bars, they will obey the law. A law well implemented is well obeyed. I think Indian people know they can find loopholes to save themselves. They do not obey the law. I have come across very honest Indians and very dishonest people from other nations so system that has to get strict.

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