Ielts Speaking Cue Cards

Describe A Job You Would Not Like To Do

Describe A Job You Would Not Like To Do

Describe A Job You Would Not Like To Do
  • What the job is?
  • How do you know about it?
  • What it involves?
  • Explain why you would not like to do it?
Synonyms for job
  • Position
  • Post
  • Occupation
  • Career
Vocabulary words that may use in this cue card
  • Opt for– to do something
  • Mundane– lacking interest and excitement
  • Laidback person- Who takes thing in stride and doesn’t get stressed
Idioms that may use in this cue card
  • A cup of tea
  • Day in and day out
  • Out of box

Describe A Job You Would Not Like To Do

  • I believe a job is a means of interest than earning.
  • So, a job which I would not like to opt for is an accounts job.
  • I know about this occupation since my elder sister got it as a clerk in judicial courts.
  • This profession is so demanding as it requires keeping track of the flow of money. There are excessive calculations, financial statements to make throughout the day.
  • From the starting day of my school, It is not my cup of tea to deal with numbers day in and day out.
  • As I believe, a job should be according to our interest, so I find the accounts job very mundane and boring.
  • Continuously staring at a computer screen, spreadsheets, keyboards by sitting at a desk is not an easy task.
  • These kinds of jobs, such as CA, Financial Managers, need higher studies with a higher rank.
  • Further, these higher-paying jobs need years of effort and hard work to clear the tough certification exams.
  • It is also one of the reasons why this career does not appeal to me.
  • I would not be successful in this profession because I am a laid back person.
  • If a job will match our passion, then definitely we get up every day with fresh thought and feel more enthusiastic.
  • I love to do a job that requires out of box thinking.
  • There should be some interactions, meeting in the profession that so that it gives you a new experience every day.
  • Sitting at only one place without any interaction is totally unimaginably and out of my reach.
  • So, all in all, I am a socializing person and want a job of my interest only.

Describe A Job You Would Not Like To Do

What is more important in a job the income or the interest one has in it?

Well, I believe a job which interests me would be more preferable for me because I would be passionate about it. I would be able to put my heart and soul into it and that will give me such a huge sense of self-fulfillment and satisfaction and it would be highly rewarding.

How can people do their work better?

There are several ways to optimize productivity and efficiency. one is to make to-do lists of things to accomplish each day. We should also avoid distractions in work from phone notifications, social media, etc. Taking small breaks during our day can also keep us relaxed and energetic. Having a pleasant workspace can also enhance productivity.

Are there many well-paid jobs that are not very interesting?

Yes, there are jobs that come with impressive paychecks but can be quite boring. I think accountants, computer programmers, database engineers all sit at a desk staring at their computers and do tedious jobs but take home a six-figure salary.

What kind of jobs do young people prefer?

The young generation likes to do jobs that involve creativity and where they can work independently. They also look for jobs that are well paid and require less physical effort. In our country, most of the graduates are employed in the IT industry. I think they like to work as programmers or IT administrators.

Some people will lose their jobs because of technology, how to deal with it?

I think it is the responsibility of the government to skill these people on new technologies so that they can find new jobs. Otherwise, there would be large scale unemployment, which would be detrimental to society.

Will you settle down in another country?

Yes, if I get a good job opportunity in a developed country, I would like to settle there. I feel if a person does not settle early then he or she will never achieve success and will always lead a stressful life.

How do young people today decide their career?

The present generation has a lot of options when it comes to deciding their career. In the past, the young looked up to their family members while deciding their career but nowadays the youth have a lot of role models from different fields and they make their own decisions.

Some of them also like to explore different jobs before finalizing on one. Moreover, they also do a lot of research looking at future prospects of different jobs.

Which do young people generally prefer – boring jobs with higher pay or interesting jobs with lower pay?

Nowadays the young are intelligent, and they understand if they are not doing something they like, they will never be happy. So, they choose the jobs they are passionate about and money takes the backseat.

Which do you prefer physical work or work involving thinking?

I prefer intellectual work over work that requires a lot of physical effort. I feel work that stimulates your mind is more satisfying as compared to physical work which is monotonous.

Do you think today we have less physical labor than we did in the past?

Yes, today we have to do less physical work as compared to the past. Thanks to the advancements in technology, our lives are more comfortable convenient nowadays. The work that required strenuous effort in the past can now be done with the click of a button.

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