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Describe a Line that You Remember From a Poem Or Song

Describe a Line that You Remember From a Poem Or Song

  • What it is?
  • What Poem it is from?
  • How do you know About it?
  • How do you feel About it?

Describe a Line that You Remember From a Poem Or Song 

  • There are several lines of poems and songs in my memory. But I’m in deep love with the poetry by William Shakespeare.
  • He is an English poet. Shakespeare is also known as a romantic poet.
  • He always signifies ‘love’ as the main theme of his poetry.
  • I remember one of the most famous lines from his poems. The line is “Love is a spirit all compact of fire”.
  • It is also famous as a quote.
  • It means the love is gentle and soft.
  • In this line, he describes the power of love just in six to seven words.
  • Love can make impossible things possible. With love, one can tackle the toughest situations.
  • It gives you courage in a troubled time. And when someone tries to destroy anyone, it takes the form of fire to burn such determinations.
  • I feed this line in my brain as I save my important data on my computer.
  • I examine in my that love lightning up everything it touches.
  • It is also filled with fire, energy, excitement, and hope.
  • There Were some situations that I had faced in my life for which I found love is the only solution.
  • Our relationships and feeling are based on love.
  • Even the world’s superpowers, for example, God, nature, all are based on love.
  • There will be no story and name of such powers if there will be no love.
  • So, I ensure this is my favorite and will remain my ever and forever favorite.
  • If someone will ask me for my favorite quote, I will surely explain this quote only.
Follow up Questions
1. Are you good at memorizing things?

Honestly speaking, I am neither very good nor am I bad at at remembering things, but I always note all essential items in memo of my smartphone .For example important events meetings, appointments and much more and sometimes I also set the alarm, which reminds me of time.

2. Do you think children like the rhythm of songs or poems?

Yes, I think it is easier for a child to learn songs or poetry, and there are many reasons for it. Because I always noticed that in my family we have three four kids and when we play any kind of music they always started dance on it very quickly. Even sometimes when they cry we play some beats of music and they stop crying immediately.

3. Why do you thing children do so?

First is that children do not have any responsibility, which helps them to focus on their studies. Another reason is, in childhood, a child’s brain easily more receptive, which learns and remembers new things.

4. Do you think it is easier for children to learn songs or poems than adults?

I think, yes. Because I remember in my childhood, I used to memorize many poems, and I did it very easily. I was very good at learning songs and poems. But I don’t think I can do the same now. I think it may be because, in childhood, our brains are more receptive.

5. What can people learn from songs or poems?

Poems and songs help people to keep in touch with culture, tradition and language. Words used in songs and poems represent the culture and history full of recession.

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