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Describe a short term job You Want To Have in a Foreign Country

Describe a short term job You Want To Have in a Foreign Country


Describe a short term job You Want To Have in a Foreign Country

  • What the job is?
  • Where you want to do it?
  • How did you know it?
  • Explain why you want to do it?
  • Well, in the first place, my biggest dream is to secure a long-term
  • job abroad that aligns with my current profession.
  • For this purpose, I really need to emigrate to a developed country.
  • When you gave this topic to me to prepare one minute ago,  the idea of working as a beautician came to my mind.
  • Just so you know, a beautician’s responsibility includes doing Skin treatments, makeup, hair removing and managing clients’ appointments, and more.
  • Usually, I read articles, books, and magazines to improve my skills regarding my profession. But the best experience matters a lot in such fields.
  • So, I have a keen desire to work as a beautician in Paris.
  • It is called a city of fashion. I want three years of experience over there to come to my dreams true.
  • There are various online training courses in Paris for which I had applied online.
  • I have subscribed to the channels of experts on to improve my work.
  • Recently, I had attended a seminar by “Sandhya Shekar” the makeup artist of Deepika Padukon hosted in Goa.
  • She is also from Paris And I inspired a lot by her style to do work. 
  • But we cannot be denied the fact “Reality gives a better experience”.
  • If I will have a chance to work with experts, I will surely try to give my best to produce the best result.
  • I would know about all skin types. And how To treat accordingly.
  • I could easily decide the outlook of a customer according to their personality.
  • What type of makeup, hairstyles will suit them.
  • These are the more demanding facts in the modern cosmetic world.
  • It is not a cup of tea to change the look of a person.
  • It will be really helpful to establish my own business at a peak level in my home country.
Follow up Questions

Describe a short term job You Want To Have in a Foreign Country

1. What kinds of jobs are easy to get in a foreign country?

My cousin who lives in Canada tells me that there are many jobs that are easy to get for

students studying there. The most common ones are the jobs in restaurants or fast food

outlets like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and those in the college campus itself, like jobs in the library, etc.

2. Do Indian parents encourage their children to work abroad?

Yes, Indian parents encourage their children to work abroad. They prepare their children well before they travel abroad, about the situations and hardships they may have to face and the importance of working while studying there, so that they can cover their expenses and also gain work experience.

3. If they don’t work abroad, would it be helpful for them to travel in a foreign country?

Yes, traveling is definitely helpful. They would come to know about the culture, meet new people, see new places, and make new connections. However, if they don’t work, they may not be able to afford traveling.

4. If you had an opportunity to live abroad, which country would you like to settle down in?

If I have an opportunity to live abroad, I would like to settle in a developed country, like

Canada, Australia, the USA, etc. I have heard form my friends and relatives living abroad that life there is very comfortable, with better facilities and infrastructure. They also tell me that the tankard living is very high there, as compared to India. Also, there are a lot of job opportunities available there.

 5. Should young adults work abroad?

Yes, young adults should work abroad because of several reasons like, taking care of their overhead expenses, taking the financial burden off their parents’ shoulders, they become more independent and responsible and they gain experience about the work culture, which would help them in their future.

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