Ielts Speaking Cue Cards

Describe an unusual vocation you had?

Describe an unusual vocation you had?

  • When it was?
  • Where you went?
  • What exactly did you do there?
  • Why do you think the holidays were unusual?
Vocabulary That May Use In This Cue Card
  • Holidaymaker– A person who takes many trips in holidays
  • Creatively and Enjoyably – as an adverb
  • Drive – When Number of people gather to do something good or creative.
  • Flip-Flops– a light sandal, typically of plastic or rubber, with a thong between the big and second toe.

Describe an unusual vocation you had?

  • I am a kind of holidaymaker.
  • I believe the holiday is a break from work or study to spend your day creatively and enjoyably.
  • Usually, I plan weekends to go somewhere to unwind myself.
  • Here I would like to talk to you about a different experience that I had on my last vacation.
  • It happened last October.
  • After a successful business deal in Japan with our company, we were free for three days.
  • Me and two of my colleagues at work decided to go to the Mobor beach in Goa. 
  • It was of a six-hour drive from our workplace.
  •  So, we all were excited about the thing you do on the beach, such as frolicking with the waves, make something with sand at the bank.
  • We didn’t plan much, but it turned to more delightful.
  • We planned to play volleyball ball but, when we reached there, we found that clean the beach drive was going over there.
Describe an unusual vocation you had?
  • The municipal corporation was conducting it.
  • There were many people from different organizations who teamed up with them to clean it.
  • It was my first experience with the process of cleaning up the beach.
  • I saw them go down and came back to pick up unwanted material from the beach.
  • We got motivated by observing them for a long time.
  • We made up our minds to help them. 
  • As I said, we were free for three days. So, we commit to joining them for the next two days.
  • We were not able to go into the water. We helped by picking up garbage like waste wrappers, water bottles, Flip-flops, waste papers.
  • Really, we enjoyed it a lot by doing continued for three days.
  • Even by doing so, we had a chance to visit and see different beaches around the city.
  • We got some Knowledge about the marina.
  • I had a chance to ride on the ship at one of the biggest beaches, Morjim beach.
  • We enjoyed a lot by interacting with different kinds of people during this mission of beach cleaning.
  • Overall, this was an unusual vacation that I enjoyed a lot.

Describe an unusual vocation you had?

 What are some popular attractions that people like to visit?

Some popular attractions that people like to visit our national parks, religious places, historical buildings, buildings of architectural importance, places of natural beauty, museums, art galleries, etc.

 Why do many people like to travel abroad?

Many people like to travel abroad so that they can experience a new culture, meet new people, make new friends, and explore new avenues to study and work.

What do people usually do during long holidays?

During long holidays, people mostly spend time with family. 

Many people plan to go on long trips with their family and sometimes friends so that they can spend some quality time together.

Some people like to take up courses so that they can learn something new or pursue a hobby.

 Do you think there will be more ecotourism in the future?

Yes, I think people are becoming more conscious about the damage to the environment caused by tourism and ecotourism has become popular. 

In the future, it will become more popular as people have understood that for tourism to be sustainable it needs to be environment friendly.

Describe A Person You Would Like To Study Or Work With