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IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay 38 Band 8 Sample Answer

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay 38 Band 8 Sample Answer

Many famous people treated unfairly by the media? Should they be given more privacy?? Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The media exposes the privacy of famed personalities by following their every step. The question arises whether they should live their life according to their rights without media disturbance. In my opinion, some media interest in the private life of celebrities is worth bearing, but too much intrusion should be discouraged strictly.

Indeed, the school of thought that ensures that there is a price to be famous. It means to sacrifice your privacy.  No doubt, for famous people, being constantly in the news is part of their job. If they stop getting media attention, it could even hurt their career exploration. Since the general public has too much interest in the personal lives of celebrities, media cater to that need by giving celebrity news and gossip. However, some recognized people themselves post their private lives on social media to be popular. Many of them are going out of their way to be in the news. To exemplify, some film actresses post vulgar photographs to gain more likes. Indeed, such people have no right to claim privacy in my point of view.

Some countries have introduced laws to limit working hours for employees. Why are these laws introduced? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

On the other hand, one cannot deny that celebrities are also human beings. Everyone needs to make their facts private. Celebrity privacy refers to the right of celebrities and public figures, largely entertainers, players, or politicians, to withhold the information they are unwilling to disclose to the public. Some famous people are into substance abuse, and they may not want the media to dig into such details. Likewise, some are in relationships they do not want to flaunt. But, media nowadays fail to draw a line between private and social life. For example, famous Indian singer Neha Kakkar was going through a painful breakup. Media used it to increase their channel rankings and get maximum viewership. In such cases, the media has no right to expose the privacy of anyone.

In conclusion, just because someone is famous does not mean that everything about them should be in the public domain. As celebrities are also humans, they have the freedom to live according to their wishes. Media interest in the private lives of famous people is understandable but excessive interference is not acceptable.

International tourism has brought about enormous benefits to many places. At the same time, there is concern about its impact on local inhabitants and the environment. Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages?

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