Ielts Speaking Cue Cards

Talk about an intelligent person, you know

Talk about an intelligent person, you know

Talk about an intelligent person, you know

  • Who is he/she?
  • Why do you call him/her intelligent?
  • How do you know him her?
Vocabulary Words
  • Toughest – something most difficult to understand.
  • Curriculum – the contents of a particular course of study.
  • Manager’s pet – bosses favorite employee.
  • Casual routine – Ordinary routine
  • Prominent – something important
  • Piece of cake – something that is easy to accomplish.
  • Cup of tea – something you are good at

Talk about an intelligent person, you know

  • I believe it’s difficult to measure the intelligence of someone, as it involves terms of self-awareness, understanding, capacity for logic, reasoning, creativity, critical and emotional thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Here, I am going to talk about my friend Neeha Narula whom I found extremely brilliant with all qualities.
  • I knew her well because we studied together for four years in the same college.
  • Nowadays, she is working as a chemical engineer in Bangalore.
  • She always remained at the top rank in studies. The subjects that were not our cup of tea or find the toughest were a piece of cake for her.
  • She was clear with all the topics due to her vast knowledge.
Talk about an intelligent person, you know
  • She is interested in other activities, For instance, quiz and speech competition, frequent reading, singing, and dancing competitions. 
  • Besides her curriculum, she was perfect to handle all situations in a casual routine too.
  • She has a sharp mind. She always thinks logically and makes the final decision after thinking about all the aspects.
  • Usually, she remains calm and speaks only when there is a great need.
  • Because she does smart work by thinking logically. She is honest and humble.
  • Due to her these qualities, she is the manager’s pet at her work.
  • At her workplace, she gets promotion just after the three months of the start of her job.
  • She is only, whom I admired for her intelligence.
  • Her most prominent quality is that she is never proud of herself.

Talk about an intelligent person, you know

Are most intelligent people happy? Why?

Not necessarily. Intelligent people have high expectations of life. They may feel unhappy if things never go according to their expectations. On the other hand, Intelligent people know that happiness is a state of mind, and so they may try their best to stay happy. So, I think everybody has their perceptions regarding it.

Do you think intelligent people are selfish?

No, selfishness has nothing to do with intelligence. I think it is a personal nature to be selfish. An intelligent person may get success in his life and may seem to be selfish, but actually, he is not. It is human nature to look after other interests first. So, it is not good to say that intelligence makes people selfish.

Do you think intelligent people are helpful?

Well, intelligence never matters in case of helping others. Anyone can help. To make it more clear, some people have more money, and they help by giving money. Some people have qualities or knowledge. They help by sharing it, then how we can say we should be more intelligent to help others.

Who do you think plays a major role in child education, parents, or teachers? Why?

Well, both have a big hand in child education. No doubt it’s different but equal. So, it is difficult to say who has a greater role. I can compare it by saying that parents play a vital role to make them socially strong. But in academics, teachers have a greater hand to train them.

What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?

A teacher should have excellent communication skills. Without good communication skills, a teacher cannot teach well. Secondly, he should have a depth of knowledge of the subject. Then, he should be impartial. He should have no bias towards the rich or poor students. He should be able to come down to the level of the student to teach well.

How do teachers help children in their education?

Teachers help in all possible ways. They work hard to provide excellent academic knowledge to the students. And they have to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest syllabi and teach students according to the requirement of the time. They can also do some career counseling and advise the students on any career path according to their aptitude.

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