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Cue Card Talk About Small Successful Business

Talk about small successful business

Talk about a Small Successful Business that you know well Cue Card

  • What the business is?
  • Where it is?
  • Who runs the business / how do you know about this business?
  • And explain why you think it is successful?

Sample answer:-Talk about small successful business

  • I would like to talk to you about a small but flourishing business in my locality.
  • It’s a pickle business owned by Mrs. Sharma a family friend of ours.
  • Under the brand name Sharma’s kitchen she sells a delectable range of vegetable pickles and I can say that with each passing day her customer base is expanding.
  • I heard that she recently posted an advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and has got many inquiries and is planning to sell her products online.
  •  Sharma aunty as we call her is a simple, affectionate, and down to earth person and of course an excellent cook too.
  • Her pickles were always so lip-smacking that her friends and relatives kept asking her for more.


  • This positive feedback and appreciation motivated her to take this up as a business.
  • She started making pickles in bulk in her kitchen. That was the start of her entrepreneurial journey.
  • At that time her children were young and it required enormous multitasking skills to manage both her household responsibilities and the business.
  • But with her determination, hard work, and countless sleepless hours she managed to juggle all these different roles.
  • Soon orders started pouring in and within a year her business had upgraded from her kitchen to a small production unit adjacent to her house.
  • She’s hired about ten women from the neighborhood who help her with chopping and cleaning and packing etc.
  • She gets enormous support from her family too, her husband helps her with sourcing the raw material from local farmers mostly vegetables such as garlic, bitter gourd, lemon, etc.
  • Sharma’s kitchen is a much sought after brand in my area and her pickle is a must-have accompaniment to add that extra zing to lunch and dinner.
  • I can say her success is the result of her commitment, her passion, her uncompromising standards of taste and quality
  • She is surely an inspiration for many.
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How does market research benefits business ?

Market research can be quite crucial for businesses. It helps them understand their customers and also the market. They can identify their competitors and evaluate them. They also get to know about the buying pattern of customers and all this can help businesses to succeed and also stay ahead of the competition.

What do government  do to encourage small scale businesses ?

The government gives a lot of support for the development of small scale enterprises. offer financial support by giving loans at lower interest rates and also give tax exemptions to such scale sectors. They provide training and sometimes even provide the technology.

Is competition good for businesses?

Of course, I think. Competition pushes businesses to excel. Due to the competition companies try to develop better products, they bring in more upgrades and innovative ideas too. Even they try to ensure customer satisfaction. Consequently, customers can get better quality products often at lower prices.

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